Megan Leah Gottfried (b. 1998, USA) makes oil paintings and fiber installations. Gottfried’s work combines visual storytelling and relationships, commonly inspired by her grandmother’s poetry. Her artwork has been exhibited at the Greensboro Cultural Arts Center, Tri-State Sculpture Exhibition and Conference, and the Zoller Gallery. Megan Gottfried earned her BFA and a minor in interdisciplinary art and social practice from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and, recently, an MFA from Pennsylvania State University. She is currently an adjunct professor at Penn State and lives and paints in Seattle, Washington.

As a contemporary painter, my artwork creates a safe space for me to explore and re-contextualize my experiences. I aim to translate moments into visual stories that blend imagination with reality, building new memories and imaginary spaces that are acts of invention, rather than nostalgia. In my recent solo show, I presented a collection of these imaginative works that offered a glimpse into my creative process and the way I introspectively view the world around me. Through my paintings, I invite viewers to join me in considering the intersection of memory, imagination, and reality, and to explore the potential of art to create new and meaningful experiences.